Stop Waste by Eliminating Excessive Programs "SWEEP" Act

Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform:

Stop Waste by Eliminating Excessive Programs Act (SWEEP Act)

Continuing down a path of wasteful and excessive government spending not only means that future generations will be left with the burden of paying for today’s borrowing, but higher interest rates will make it even more expensive for families to purchase a home, finance an education or start a business.

At a time when American families are watching their pocketbooks, the federal government should be equally as vigilant about how taxpayer dollars are spent. Congress has a responsibility to identify and root out the waste, fraud and abuse that continues to undermine the long term economic and national security of the country.

The "Stop Waste by Eliminating Excessive Programs Act (SWEEP Act) would reduce unnecessary and wasteful government spending by creating a means to review and abolish federal programs that are inefficient, duplicative, or in other ways wasteful of taxpayer dollars. 

Review. Report. Reduce.

Specifically, the SWEEP Act would:

- Create a Federal Programs Sunset Commission that would review all government funded programs to determine their merit in proven outcomes, cost-effective record, scope of interest and whether there exist programs receiving funding for duplicative purposes.
- Require that the Commission report to Congress annually on programs that should be abolished, consolidated, transferred, reorganized or remain untouched.
- Reduce unnecessary government spending by mandating that Congress take an up or down vote on legislation abolishing wasteful programs.

The SWEEP Act is a critical component of the Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform, a comprehensive plan to reduce the deficit, balance the budget and lay the groundwork for sound fiscal policies over the long term.