Preventing Waste, Fraud and Abuse Act of 2010

Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform

"Preventing Waste, Fraud and Abuse Act of 2010"

Continuing down a path of wasteful and excessive government spending not only means that future generations will be left with the burden of paying for today’s borrowing, but higher interest rates will make it even more expensive for families to purchase a home, finance an education or start a business.

At a time when American families are watching their pocketbooks, the federal government should be equally as vigilant about how taxpayer dollars are spent. Congress has a responsibility to identify and root out the waste, fraud and abuse that continues to undermine the long term economic and national security of the country.

The Blue Dog Coalition, under the leadership of Representative Kurt Schrader of Oregon, has introduced the "Preventing Waste, Fraud and Abuse Act of 2010," a critical component of the Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform, a 15 step plan to reduce the deficit, balance the budget and lay the groundwork for sound fiscal policies over the long term. This legislation would fulfill the program integrity component of the plan by making strategic investments to prevent wasteful government spending. Simply put, instead of new taxes, we should be implementing existing laws more effectively.

Specifically, the "Preventing Waste, Fraud and Abuse Act of 2010" would:

- Provide the Executive Agencies the financial resources they need to enforce the laws of the United States and prevent waste, fraud and abuse in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, and Unemployment Insurance. 
- Make additional investments in IRS tax enforcement efforts to make sure individuals are not paying more than their fair share.
- Save the American people more than $35 billion over the next 5 and more than $132 billion over the next 10 fiscal years.
- Put the necessary tools in place in order to effectively track the progress, and evaluate and reengineer programs to produce better government.