President Trump Takes Up Blue Dog Proposal to Reopen Government

Jan 25, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Today, President Trump announced he would proceed with a deal proposed by the Blue Dog Coalition to reopen the government and then hold a substantive, bipartisan, and bicameral discussion on border security that would produce legislation to quickly pass both chambers of Congress, ideally with a veto-proof majority. The Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications, Rep. Lou Correa (CA-46), issued the following statement:


“We are pleased to see that President Trump decided to move forward with the Blue Dog Coalition’s proposal to reopen the government first followed by a long-term, bipartisan solution that ensures strong, effective border security. While we are relieved that President Trump has decided to reopen the government, both parties must work together to ensure this never happens again. There is never a good reason to shut down the government of the greatest nation on Earth. Period. This shutdown demonstrated exactly why Americans are losing faith in their institutions—and we must do all that we can to restore that faith. Congress can start by doing its job on time and passing all full-year funding bills by the October 1 deadline. While the Continuing Resolution (CR) provides necessary, temporary economic relief to the American people, we are still learning about the long-term national security and economic effects this shutdown has created. If we continue to lurch from one self-inflicted crisis to the next with yet another temporary solution, we haven’t solved the problem.”