Blue Dogs Continue Push for Larger Budget Deal

Oct 16, 2013
Press Release

Members of the fiscally conservative, Democratic Blue Dog Coalition released the following statement today after passage of a bipartisan bill to raise the debt limit and reopen the federal government: 

 “Bipartisan passage of legislation today to reopen the government and avoid the debt ceiling disaster was absolutely critical. Realistically, though, this deal does little to address our nation’s current fiscal crisis and merely puts off the fight for another day. Congress still has a long way to go in mending the broken budget process that continues to plague our immediate economic recovery and outlook.

 “The Blue Dog Coalition urges our colleagues to work together toward a long-term budget agreement that avoids these regular, self-inflicted financial crises, tackles the real drivers of our debt and deficits, and puts the United States back on a path to a secure financial future.

 “It is never easy, in any situation, for two opposing sides to come together and compromise. However, the Blue Dogs have said for years that bipartisan solutions are essential to undoing congressional gridlock, restoring fiscal responsibility and creating economic opportunities for American families, businesses, and investors. It would be prudent for our friends on both sides of the aisle to heed our call.”