Blue Dogs Back Schrader Plan to Stabilize the Individual Market

Jul 25, 2017
Press Release

The fiscally-responsible Blue Dog Coalition has endorsed “Solutions Over Politics,” a five-part proposal of ways to stabilize the individual health insurance market and improve the Affordable Care Act. The proposal was spearheaded by Blue Dog member Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-05) less than two weeks ago.
“As a Blue Dog, I’m no stranger to putting politics aside and working with my colleagues across the aisle to solve real problems,” said Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR). “That’s why I took the time to meet with health care experts, providers, and patients to find real solutions to problems with the individual market that we cannot ignore. While the Affordable Care Act has helped 20 million people access quality health care, we can’t ignore that some folks still struggle with costs, particularly those on the individual market. Democrats and Republicans agree that uncertainty in the market needs to be addressed. My set of solutions puts partisanship aside to address these problems head-on.”
Solutions Over Politics seeks to stabilize the individual market while protecting plans for people with pre-existing conditions, keeping costs down for lower income folks, promoting enrollment and ensuring everyone pays their fair share. The plan also calls for improvements to the ACA including ways to reduce churn in the market and drawing bidding areas to ensure that rural areas aren’t left at a disadvantage.
“Our Blue Dog members are focused on developing positive solutions for today’s challenges,” said Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Policy. “Republicans and Democrats may have differing views on what our health care system should ultimately look like, but we should stand united in supporting proposals to stabilize the health market right now. Our constituents are reaching out to Congress because they’re worried about whether they’ll be able to get high-quality health insurance at a reasonable cost—or whether they’ll be able to get coverage at all. Congressman Schrader’s proposals are specific ideas that could improve our health system, some of which we can take action on right now to protect access to coverage choices and defend our constituents’ pocketbooks. They exemplify the Blue Dog way of zeroing in on problem-solving, not ideology, and I call on the rest of Congress to engage with us on these ideas so we can prevent needless harm and uncertainty for all Americans.”
“The Blue Dogs are not only talking the talk; they’re walking the walk when it comes to developing commonsense solutions for the American people,” said Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications. “We have to do what’s best for the American people and put partisan agendas aside. We must come together on concrete solutions, like these, that improve our nation’s health care system. Our hope is that this creates a moment for Democrats and Republicans to come to the table and work together to stabilize the individual market. It’s what the American people want—and it’s the right thing to do.”