Blue Dog Leadership Statement on the Introduction of the Justice in Policing Act of 2020

Jun 9, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Today, the Blue Dog Coalition’s Co-Chair for Administration, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), issued the following statement in response to this week’s introduction of the Justice in Policing Act of 2020:


“Members of the Blue Dog Coalition stand united in condemning the murder of George Floyd and demanding that the police officers responsible for his death be held fully accountable under the law. Like the vast majority of Americans we represent, we feel a sense of anguish and anger upon witnessing yet another unjust killing of a Black American by police officers who dishonor their badge. Our nation must reckon with the fact that it has failed at all levels of government to fully and unequivocally recognize that Black lives matter. We join our colleagues in Congress in seeking swift and systemic change, and we will spend the next few weeks listening to the diverse views within our Democratic caucus, especially the Congressional Black Caucus, as we work toward solutions together. It is our hope Republicans will also join this effort, because now is not the time for partisanship. Congress and the White House cannot ignore the calls for change that are sweeping this nation. The status quo is not just unacceptable, it’s also dangerous.


“We also stand in solidarity with the peaceful protestors who seek to bring about positive change and with the vast majority of men and women of law enforcement who strive to uphold their oaths every day and to ensure that their fellow Americans can safely exercise their constitutional right to protest peacefully. We call for those who attempt to co-opt peaceful protests through criminal acts, including looting and violence, to be held accountable.


“Our nation is in the midst of a movement. Across the country, in major cities and small communities, Americans are exercising their First Amendment rights to call for equal justice under the law. Led by peaceful protest, this movement is demonstrating that, together, Americans can drive much-needed change, make our society more just and equitable, and unite us as a nation.”