Blue Dog Leadership Statement on Disaster Relief, Debt Ceiling, Government Funding Package

Sep 8, 2017
Press Release

Today, the co-chairs of the fiscally-responsible Democratic Blue Dog Coalition—Reps. Jim Costa (D-CA), Henry Cuellar (D-TX), and Daniel Lipinski (D-IL)—released the following statement in response to Congress passing legislation that provides aid for disaster relief, funds the government, and raises the debt ceiling:

“Providing disaster funding, keeping the government open, and avoiding a debt ceiling crisis is the basic job Congress is expected to do. Many of our constituents in Texas are facing a new daunting reality as they rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, and our constituents in Florida are bracing themselves for the impact of Hurricane Irma. It’s the American way for us to come together to take care of our own in times of need, and the funding in the legislation passed today is crucial to helping our fellow Americans recover from these disasters.
“The bipartisan passage of today’s legislation to avoid another debt ceiling crisis and keep the government open was necessary. However, in order to address this issue in a meaningful way, we must address the broken budget process that continues to put a drag on our economy. We must also do what we can to get Congress out of the dangerous habit of lurching from one self-made crisis to the next, and operating on a limited, short-term basis.

"We urge Congress to build on today’s bipartisan vote and collaborate to take up additional measures to responsibly address the nation’s budget in the long term. The American people are counting on Democrats and Republicans to come together to come up with a long-term, sustainable solution that puts our economy on the path to prosperity and fiscal sustainability. We hope today’s vote starts a pattern of bipartisan cooperation rather than partisan bickering in Washington, and the Blue Dogs stand ready to be part of that solution.”