Blue Dog Coalition Endorses Regulatory Improvement Act

Jun 24, 2014
Press Release

The fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition today endorsed the Regulatory Improvement Act, H.R. 4646. This bipartisan bill creates a commission to review outdated regulations in order to modify, consolidate or repeal existing regulations that discourage private sector growth and innovation.

“Blue Dogs have always been committed to ensuring that government regulations do not hinder economic growth,” said U.S. Rep Kurt Schrader (D-OR), Co-chair for Communications. “As such, I fully support the establishment of a commission that will identify these outdated regulations and throw them out. Most small businesses do not have an army of lawyers available to comply with overly burdensome regulations, so this commission is essential for leveling the playing field. The Regulatory Improvement Act, and other bills like it, is just the sort of legislative agenda Congress should be focusing on.”

“Outdated government regulations are hurting businesses across this country,” said Congressman John Barrow, Co-chair for Administration and a cosponsor of the legislation. “Businesses and job creators need the federal government to get out of their way so they can continue to do what they do best – grow our economy. One way to make that happen is to get rid of decades-old regulations that no one needs, no one wants, and don't do anything but add to the cost of doing business. This bipartisan legislation is a good-faith effort to clean up federal regulations to give businesses a real chance to succeed.”

“Congress needs to stop regulatory overkill. No one likes red tape and endless bureaucracy,” said U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN), Co-chair for Policy. “We need to figure out ways to have a simpler, fairer government.”


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