Blue Dog Coalition Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Feb 14, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Twenty-five years ago today, 23 members of the House Democratic Caucus held a press conference to announce the formation of the Blue Dog Coalition, a caucus of pragmatic Democrats who are dedicated to fiscal responsibility and ensuring a strong national defense. Since that time, the makeup and size of the Coalition has changed over the years, but the Coalition continues to be an influential voice in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), current Blue Dog Co-Chair for Administration, issued the following statement to mark the historic occasion:


“For 25 years, members of the Blue Dog Coalition have hailed from every region of the country, from Maine to Hawaii, and we have consistently remained staunch advocates for fiscal discipline, a strong national defense, and pragmatic solutions in Congress. Throughout that time, the Coalition’s members not only established themselves to be the voice of commonsense policy and bipartisan governing, but also the majority makers for the House Democratic Caucus. Our legacy of policy accomplishments is long and continues to grow, from bipartisan campaign finance reform to PAYGO to securing our elections. Blue Dogs remain strong, and we look forward to building on our historic legacy for many years to come.” 




Introduction to the Blue Dog Coalition’s 25th Anniversary: This essay explains how the Coalition’s history continues to the guide the caucus today.


The Story of the Blue Dog Coalition’s Founding Class: Their first Congress as an organization set the stage for the Blue Dog Coalition to maintain its original mission for years to come: to be a voice in Washington calling for fiscal discipline, a strong national defense, responsible governance, and pragmatic, commonsense solutions. This is their story.


The Blue Dog Coalition’s Legacy of Policy Success: Throughout its 25-year history, the Blue Dog Coalition has successfully helped to enact legislation ranging from campaign finance reform to statutory PAYGO to stronger counterterrorism measures. The Blue Dogs have also historically put forward policy proposals as means to identify a bipartisan path forward to break the gridlock in Washington. These are some of the accomplishments that have played a crucial role in the organization’s legacy.


Blue Dog Coalition Rosters: This is the full list of Blue Dog Coalition rosters from the 104th Congress to today.