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Oct 30, 2011 In The News
By U.S. Rep. John Barrow

There’s pretty much universal agreement throughout the country that our government has too many regulations on the books.

Oct 13, 2011 In The News
By Jim Matheson and Mike Ross

As leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation, American businesses have expanded around the world to grow and compete for the 21st century global customer base.

Oct 12, 2011 In The News
By Kristina Peterson

A coalition of moderate House Democrats urged the Congressional deficit-reduction committee to include a temporary tax break for U.S. companies bringing home overseas profits, according to a letter sent Wednesday.

Oct 12, 2011 In The News
By Vicki Needham

House Blue Dogs are on board with a temporary corporate tax holiday they argue will boost economic growth.

The group joined a growing bipartisan chorus pressing the congressional deficit-reduction committee to give U.S. multinational corporations a tax break in exchange for investing at home.

Sep 23, 2011 In The News

A few years ago, the federal government issued a regulation requiring banks to change their disclosure statements so that solid vertical lines separated columns on the sheet. Some small community banks were not able to easily create these vertical lines in their new electronic forms as required, so to improvise they used lines made of asterisks instead. 

Sep 15, 2011 In The News
By Elizabeth Titus

Moderate Blue Dog Democrats — who often seek distance from the liberal core of their party — are planning to introduce a set of small-business proposals on Thursday that focus on extending loan provisions and increasing the government’s small-business procurement goals.

Sep 14, 2011 In The News

Just how powerful is the special “Super Committee” that Congress created to recommend long-term deficit reduction? A task force of prominent budget experts concluded on Wednesday that the 12-member bicameral panel has far more power than many realize, and could work well past a November deadline in pursuit of a “grand bargain” of entitlement and tax reforms.

Sep 14, 2011 In The News
Blue Dog Coalition Press Conference on Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction


Sep 14, 2011 In The News
By Russell Berman

Add the centrist Blue Dog Democrat coalition to the list of groups pushing the deficit reduction “supercommittee” to expand its ambitions and find much more than $1.5 trillion in budget savings.

Sep 9, 2011 In The News
The Early Show

Rep. Jim Cooper discusses extreme polarization in Washington and the need for more bipartisan cooperation in Congress on CBS' The Early Show.