Health Care

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Blue Dogs Endorse Bill to Prevent Dramatic Drug Price Hikes

Washington – Today, while the House Oversight Committee holds a bipartisan hearing with officials from Mylan, titled “Reviewing the Rising Price of EpiPens,” the Blue Dog Coalition endorsed a bill that could prevent dramatic price hikes like that of the EpiPen. H.R. 4784, the Lower Drug Costs Through Competition Act helps streamline the FDA approval process on generic drugs, and encourages competition by providing incentives for more generics to come to the market.

Blue Dog Coalition Supports Giving Small Businesses Flexibility in Providing Healthcare

WASHINGTON – The Blue Dog Coalition announced their support for H.R. 2911, the Small Business Healthcare Relief Act.  The legislation seeks to roll back problematic regulations put in place to implement the Affordable Care Act that fine businesses with less than 50 employees for offering Healthcare Reimbursement Agreements (HRAs) to reimburse their employees for healthcare-related expenses. Employees can use these funds to purchase healthcare on the individual market or for out-of-pocket medical expenses.