Government Operations and Politics

Government Operations and Politics

Blue Dogs Endorse the Taxpayers DIME Act in Response to Cabinet Officials Wasting Taxpayer Money on Luxury Travel

Following recent reports that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spent over $14,000 on government helicopters to travel to and from official events near Washington, D.C, the Democratic Blue Dog Coalition has endorsed H.R. 3879, the Taxpayers Don’t Incur Meaningless Expenses (Taxpayers DIME) Act. This bill was spearheaded by the co-chairs of the Blue Dog Task Force on Government Reform and Accountability, Reps. Tom O’Halleran (D-AZ) and Kurt Schrader (D-OR).

Blue Dog Coalition Endorses Legislation to Stop Gerrymandering

The fiscally-responsible Blue Dog Coalition has endorsed two pieces of legislation authored by Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) in an effort to stop gerrymandering and to reveal the secret congressional redistricting process to all Americans. This has been a longstanding priority of the Blue Dogs during times of both Democratic and Republican majorities in Congress.