Budget & Deficit Reduction

Blue Dog Leadership Responds to President Trump’s Budget Proposal

WASHINGTON—Today, the Blue Dog Coalition Co-Chair for Communications, Rep. Lou Correa (CA-46), issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s budget proposal:


“This year, we are facing a $1 trillion annual deficit and an unprecedented $23 trillion national debt, and a lack of fiscal discipline is forcing us to pay more on interest incurred on the national debt than we spend on our kids. In other words, a lack of fiscal restraint is already forcing us to spend more on our past than we invest in our future.


Blue Dogs Back Bipartisan Spending Transparency Legislation

WASHINGTON—As part of the Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform, the fiscally-responsible Blue Dog Coalition has endorsed H.R. 3830, the Taxpayers Right-To-Know Act. The bipartisan bill, which passed the House during each of the last three Congresses, would provide Americans with more information on how federal tax dollars are being spent and help eliminate duplicative and wasteful government programs. It was re-introduced in the House this Congress by Reps.

Blue Dog Statement on Federal Deficit Surpassing $1 Trillion

WASHINGTON—Today, the co-chairs of the Blue Dog Task Force on Fiscal Responsibility & Government Reform—Reps. Ed Case (HI-01) and Ben McAdams (UT-04)—issued the following statement in response to the latest report released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), revealing that the federal deficit exceeded $1 trillion in the first 11 months of fiscal year 2019:


Blue Dog Leadership Statement on House Passage of the Bipartisan Budget Deal

WASHINGTON—Today, Blue Dog Co-Chair for Administration, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), issued the following statement on the House passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019:


“The future of our nation depends on Members of Congress finding the political courage to work together and make the tough decisions to get our nation’s fiscal house back in order. It’s clear that the bipartisan budget deal lacks this courage from both parties by abandoning fiscal discipline altogether and allowing $1 trillion deficits to be signed into law.


Blue Dogs Release Blueprint for Fiscal Reform

WASHINGTON—Today, members of the Blue Dog Coalition released a comprehensive plan to help restore fiscal discipline in Congress. The Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform outlines an extensive list of priorities that help reduce our budget deficits and begin to bring down our national debt. Today, the national debt is more than $22 trillion—an unprecedented amount. On the current path, next year, the federal government will spend more servicing interest on the debt than all federal funding that supports children in the United States.

Blue Dogs Endorse Rep. McAdams’ Balanced Budget Amendment

WASHINGTON— Today, the fiscally-responsible Blue Dog Coalition announced that it has endorsed a Balanced Budget Amendment, which was authored by Rep. Ben McAdams (UT-04), co-chair for the Blue Dog Task Force on Fiscal Responsibility and Government Reform. Rep. McAdams is the first House Democrat to introduce a Balanced Budget Amendment during the 116th Congress.