Support for the Blue Dogs

Support for the Blue Dog endorsement of Bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Amendment
The bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Amendment, offered by Blue Dog Co-chairs Reps. Cooper and Schrader, would add a finding supporting the President’s use of the Simpson-Bowles framework as the basis for his budget submission to Congress. The framework calls for a comprehensive approach to reducing our nation’s long-term debt and deficits.

Support for the Blue Dog endorsement of the Balanced Budget Amendment

"We applaud the Blue Dog coalition for taking an important stand in support of the balanced budget amendment.  For over a decade this responsible measure has enjoyed bipartisan support and the Blue Dogs today honor the tradition of bipartisanship for the good of our country's economic health. It is increasingly important these days that our government signal to the global markets a unerring commitment to measures that will stabilize markets.” 

- John Tanner, Board Member of Center Forward

Support for the Blue Dog No Budget, No Pay Act, H.R. 3643
This bill would require Congress to pass a full budget on time before Members of Congress could get paid

“The Blue Dog coalition has a long record of backing sensible bipartisan reforms, particularly on issues of fiscal accountability.  The No Budget, No Pay Act is just this kind of reform. We welcome their leadership and their support for practical proposals addressing the gridlock and hyperpartisanship in Congress that put our fiscal future at risk.” 

- Bill Galston, Co-Founder of No Labels, a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents who want our government to work again.  Click here to read the full statement.

Support for the Blue Dog endorsement of the "Freedom to Invest Act of 2011"

Support for the Blue Dog Small Business Package

Support for the Blue Dog Benchmarks for Fiscal Reform

Support for the Blue Dog endorsement of the NAT GAS Act of 2011